Innovative Cold-flow Label Adhesive
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Innovative Cold-flow Label Adhesive

The annual international label exhibition in Pazhou Convention and exhibition center hot start, three days later, has been completed, and has come to an end. This collection of labels, printing and packaging industry exhibition global, unprecedented, not only become the best platform for enterprises to establish the brand, highlighting the technological achievements, but also to the industry business provides an excellent opportunity to learn, cooperation and sales.

In the exhibition hall, Guangzhou Zhengbang chemical company ( green theme shows, talent shows itself in many stands dominated by blue, especially in. Chemical bond is a high-tech enterprises, R & D and production of various kinds of environmental label adhesive in recent years, the development of a number of international leading adhesive technology, one of them is in the promotion label exhibition in the original cold bond flow label adhesive, this adhesive, overcome tire rough surface labeling difficulties.

In Zhengbang chemical exhibition hall, a "cold flow label adhesive" large product figure ran in front of the staff has been enthusiastic and professional to answer the audience's questions:

Q: what is the use of this "cold flow label adhesive"?

Answer: This is suitable for the adhesive label is firmly pasted on the uneven surface, can be affixed to the substrate with different additives difficult to stick, the tire label packages is one typical application case.

Q: what does this "cold stream" mean?

Answer: cold flow label adhesive bond with special materials in the micro system, under the condition of occurring creep flow phenomena of colloid paste fill time, substrate uneven surface, and blocking additives it penetrates the surface out, so that the label and the substrate tightly adheres to.

Q: what is the temperature of this "cold flow pattern label glue"?

Answer: the product uses a wide range of temperature, from room temperature to low temperature (-15 degrees C), no overflow, no degumming, reliable wear-resistant, with high temperature stability.

Q: what are the other characteristics of this "cold flow pattern label glue"?

Answer: This is a hot melt pressure-sensitive adhesive, production and use process without solvent, no pollution, protect the environment.

Zhanchang chemical staff said proudly, since the "cold flow label adhesive products have been released by the majority of the adhesive products businesses of all ages, the rapid growth of sales. I believe that Zhengbang chemical company of innovation and invention, will accelerate the development and application of advanced technology, the label industry at the same time, also put forward the development of more environmentally friendly materials, the commercialization of the technology of the project, the future potential is limitless.

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